01 Jan - 2020

Artists' Search Engine

Coordinator | Volunteer Needed
Surveyors | Volunteers Needed
Digital Development | Volunteer Needed
Author | Yara Farhat
A large and inclusive search engine for laborers and artisans residing in Lebanon is missing today. “Who knows a photographer in Tripoli? Are there any ceramicists in Hasbaya? Where can I find a videographer for my new local business? Which specific niche artists are available for collaboration? Who can help me with costumes?" We aim to create a platform that puts you a click away to the laborers and artisans community in Lebanon.
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Economic Growth, Employment Opportunities, Cultural Awareness, and Social Inclusion.
Project Narrative
The absence of a tangible reference for local artists contributes to the disconnection between communities and artists themselves. We aim to create an artists’ search engine that addresses these goals but also induces a cross-generational dialogue. As read in “Bolstering Inclusiveness and the Arts in Lebanon. A consultative review of challenges and opportunities'', the space for digital growth in art is viewed as a key opportunity. “An online hub that makes best use of contemporary digital tools and through which artists can communicate and network and the nation and perhaps regional level, can facilitate meaningful communication, knowledge exchange and collaborative production” [Maghribi]. This exchange happens across different generations, hence the cross-generational dialogue amongst artisans, laborers, and the clients, citizens in this case. It is a series of bridges that ground the ever-changing pace of new artists and a boost for the old-wave businesses.
The Business
The agenda is to curate a body of local artists and laborers by scouting and mapping their business information, products and prices, and more. The expected occupations are: graphic designer, fashion designers, pottery/ ceramics, furniture, jewelry making, painters, light, writers, copywriters, actors [theater], music production, photographers, florists, decorators, stylists, pattern makers, makeup artists, frame makers, packaging specialists, show makers, tattoo artists, cartoonists, art directors, set designers [filmmaking and set design], glass, carpenters, blacksmiths, embroidering, screening, printmaking…