01 Aug - 2021

Karantina Mural

Curator | Nada Sehnaoui
Project Coordinator | Nader Akoum
Members | Nader Akoum + Kassem Fattah
Volunteers | Residents of Karantina
Nada Sehnaoui collaborates with the Artists & Laborers working group to design a memorial that commemorates the victims of the criminal double explosion of August 4th, 2020, that has killed more than 200 persons, injured thousands, and destroyed half of the city of Beirut [Amnesty International]. This project came to fruition after earning the consent of the families of the victims.
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Cultural Awareness and Social Inclusion.
Project Narrative
Ms. Sehnaoui wished to collaborate with the youth of Studio Madane to involve them in the awareness process, and the learning of the impact of misgovernance. The Youth will be instilled with the habit of being involved in socio political expression. The gravity of this crime is emphasized when the youth decide to create a permanent commemoration of the loss. Art is indispensable to collective memory and history. “Through images and texts, we will document our collective struggle to reach justice. The families of the victims, as well as all of us, are struggling to have an independent judiciary see through one of the most important trials in Lebanon’s history,” said Nada Sehnaoui to Studio Madane.
To prepare the mural, photos, messages, and names of the victims were gathered. Through workshops, the photos were attached to surfaces of broken glass pieces gathered from the explosion and installed permanently to behave as a memorial landmark. The mural is mounted in the direct vicinity of the Karantina hospital and built with the residents of the area.