01 Jan - 2021

Operations & Logistics

Coordinator | Noor Akoum
Advisor | Nader Akoum
Website Management | Nader Akoum + Noor Akoum
Researchers | Theo Makhoul + Jessica Tawil
Rapporteurs | Lynn Hadi + Jessica Tawil + Theo Makhoul
Internal Communication | Riwa Soubra
Outreach & Recruitment | Lynn Moghrabi
Past Contributor | Yara Farhat
The Operations & Logistics committee is the focal point of the organization's technical and logistical functioning. Ambition and slogan are converted to qualitative and quantitative targets that are achieved via workflows and action models. It functions internally and links the Studio Madane collective to external bodies. This happens via the task forces that conduct strategic management, in-person and digital communication, website development, rapporteurs, on-the-ground and digital logistics, and treasury.
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Innovation of Industry, Access to Information and Communications Technology.
Committee Identity
The members train to perform action model exercises and flow charts. Sense-making requires the committee to resort to technical tools and cycles of revision. Pragmatism is a priority: in order to conduct and sustain a smooth functioning of Studio Madane’s working groups, set timelines of work are developed, and more importantly, documenting their work in different media inside a well organized open database is essential.